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Gerhard Röttger

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The company Ina Röttger is originally a rental company for busses, coaches and trucks, which is very successful since 1997. But as we came in contact with Tesla cars we were really electrified. Driving electric cars our own management and employees who are traveling about 60-80.000 km a year made very good experiences. About 500.000 Kilometers with Electric cars without problems of loading and technology. That’s amazing. So we use many electric cars ( mostly Tesla) in our fleet and we offer you cars we had in our own hands.

We have many customers in different countries and we are really satisfied with the good feedback we get. We are looking forward to you joining our excited customers. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask us.

With best regards,

Gerhard Röttger


George Buhnici ( more than 850.000 Abonnements on youtube) bought his Tesla in our company and recommends our service and our e-car engagement. Here Gerhard Röttger and George met in Bucharest for next steps about e-mobility in Romania.

Our cars

No Emissions. No Compromise.

In contrast to petrol engins with hundreds of moving parts, e-cars have only a few rotating parts. As the maximum power stays throughout the whole speed range,  e-cars accelerate smoothly and with enormous force. For example: The fastest Model S accelerates in 2,7 seconds from 0 to 100km/h!

Our car pool consists of excellent offers. You can see our current available cars on „mobile.de“ or „AutoScout 24“. Just make an appointment for a test drive or contact us via email or phone.

For a specific car, please contact us directly!


Reasons for buying an electric car.

„You want to be a trendsetter. Drive an ecofriendly car. You need an electric car!“

Business Car

People will be fascinated.

Innovative. Representative.

Unforgettable, Uncomparable, Unbelievable…

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No problems with charging.

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Sale – Hof/Schwarzenbach a.W.

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